Common Name

Toad Rush




Annual rush to 50cm tall.  Leaves basal and alternating up the stems, with a sheath at the base, shorter or longer than the flower stems, flat to channeled, threadlike.  Flowers straw coloured to reddish brown, with 6 'petals', flowers solitary or in clusters of 2-6 along the stems, in a loose inflorescence of 4-60 flowers at the ends of the flower stems, the inflorescence subtended by 1-2 conspicuous leafy bracts.

Description and photo in G.M. Cunningham, WE Mulham, PL Milthorpe and J H Leigh (1981 and later printings) Plants of Western New South Wales page 177

PlantNET description:

Dried specimen. Photographer Ian Robb, Tumbi Wetlands, Tumbi Umbi, NSW