Plant with male flowers. Photo: Don Wood, south coast, NSW

Plant. Photo: Russell Best, near Mallacoota, Vic

Common Name

Pale Mat-rush




Perennial grass-like forb to 20cm tall or sprawling. Leaves basal, with a sheath at the base, 8-20cm log, 1-1.5mm wide, flat or slightly concave, glaucous. Male and female flowers on different plants. Flowers small (less than 3mm across), yellow flushed with purple, with 6 ‘petals’. Male flower groups cylindrical on unbranched or branched stems arising from the base of the plant, female flower groups in groups on short stems arising from the base of the plant. Family Lomandraceae in NSW. Family Liliaceae in SA. Poorly known Vic.

Differs from Lomandra collina in that the tips of the leaves are shortly pointed to rounded and squared-off, and the margins of the leaf sheaths are abruptly narrowed at the top (obvious in young leaves).

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