Flowers. Photo: JC Schou, Denmark.

Fruit and leaf. Photo: Michael Kesl, Czech Republic

Flowers and leaves. Photo: JC Schou, Denmark.

Common Name

Chinese Boxthorn, Goji Berry




Introduced shrub to 2.5m tall. Lateral branchlets reduced to short, leafless spines, or such spines absent. Lower leaves alternating up the stems, usually pointed, later leaves clustered in clusters of 1-8. Leaves barely fleshy, 0.8-5.5cm long, 2-15mm wide, flat, hairless. Flowers tubular with 5 mauve to purple lobes, solitary on stems arising from the bases of the leaves. Berry red.

Differs from Lycium australe and Lycium ferocissimum in that the fruit is oval.

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