Flowers and leaves. Photo: Luigi Rignanese, Italy

Pods, flowers and leaves. Photo: Luigi Rignanese, Italy

Common Name

Snail Medick, Snail Medic, Shield Medick




Introduced annual forb to 60cm tall or sprawling. Leaves alternating along the stems, compound, with 3 leaflets, each 1.5-3cm long, 7-20mm wide, flat, upper surface hairless, lower surface more or less sticky hairy, edges toothed. Flowers yellow to orange, pea-shaped, with 5 petals, 2 almost joined together. Flowers in clusters of 1-3 flowers, the stalks arising from the bases of the leaves. Burr with many curved spines, hairy, sometimes sticky hairy, becoming sparsely hairy.

PlantNET description: