Flowering plant. Photographer Sue Guymer, East Melbourne


Flowering plant. Photographer Don Wood, south coast, NSW

Common Name

Shrubby Fireweed




Annual forb to 2m tall.  Leaves alternating up the stems, 6-25cm long, to 40mm wide, hairy to hairless or slightly rough, toothed.  Leaves in the middle third of the stem with basal lobes, somewhat stem-clasping. Uppermost leaves very narrow and flat, occasionally linear.  Flower heads green with yellow florets, and 0 petals, cylindrical, in large open clusters (up to 400) at the tops of the stems.

Hybridisation between Senecio minimus and either Senecio glomeratus ssp. glomeratus or Senecio glomeratus ssp. longifructus is likely.

The description above is mainly derived from the description (pages 118, 121) with photo of dried specimen (page 120) in Thompson, I.R., (2004) Taxonomic studies of Australian Senecio (Asteraceae): 1. The disciform species. Muelleria 19: 118-121, Figs 5a, 6

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