Common Name

Riverina Groundsel




Forb to 30cm tall. Leaves alternating up the stems. Mid-stem leaves mostly 2-7cm long, undivided leaves linear to narrow and flat, hairless or sparsely hairy, undivided or lobed to dissected, margins entire or toothed. Upper stem leaves sometimes with basal lobes, hardly stem-clasping. Flowers with 0 petals. Flower heads in groups at the ends of the stems.

Differs from Senecio glossanthus in that it has broader flower heads (1.8-3mm diameter), with more green bracts on the backs of the flower heads (10-11, occasionally 12-13), and microscopic 'petals' (less than 1mm long).

Key (pages 4, 6), description (page 10) line drawings (Fig. 1b page 5), and photo of dried specimen (Fig. 4 page 11) in IR Thompson (2005) "Taxonomic Studies of Australian Senecio (Asteraceae): 4. A revision of Senecio glossanthus and recognition of an allied species with long ligules. Muelleria 21: 3-21

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