Flowers and leaves. Photo Don Wood, Scotia Sanctuary, NSW

Flowering plants. Photo Don Wood, Scotia Sanctuary, NSW

Common Name

A Sandspurrey




Annual sprawling forb.  Leaves opposite each other or in whorls, with membranous stipules at the base which encircle the stem.  Leaves 0.5-2cm long, to 1mm wide, somewhat sticky-hairy, with blunt tips or with a point, never with a bristle. Flowers with 5 white, rarely pink or greenish petals, single or in open groups at the tops of the stems. 

Differs from Spergularia bocconei in that the leaves are sticky.

Differs from Spergularia brevifolia, Spergularia marina, and Spergularia rubra in that the petals are 2-2.5mm long and usually white. 

Differs from Spergularia diandra in that the leaves never end in a bristle, the petals are shorter than or the same length as the sepals, and the flowers have 5-8 stamens

Definite differentiation between the species of Spergularia depends on microscopic examination of the seeds.

Descriptions of all species of Spergularia in the key are mostly taken from:  Adams, L.G. West, J.G. & Cowley, K.J., (2008) Revision of Spergularia (Caryophyllaceae) in Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 21:251-270

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