Common Name

Hairy Pink-bells, Pink-eyed Susan




Shrub to 60cm tall. Leaves alternating up the stems, occasionally opposite each other, 0.2-1.5cm long, 1-1.5mm wide, linear to narrow and flat, upper surface hairy and warty, lower surface hairless or with a few hairs on the midrib, edges rolled down, tips blunt or with a short sharp point. Flowers pink to mauve-pink or white, with 4 petals, 1-2 on stalks at the bases of the leaves. A single collection in this area near Lake Victoria in 1848. Family Tremandraceae in SA. Presumed extinct NSW. Protected NSW.

Description in G.M. Cunningham, WE Mulham, PL Milthorpe and J H Leigh (1981 and later printings) Plants of Western New South Wales page 452

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Photo of flowers and leaves. Photographer Andrew Hodgson, Mylor Conservation Park, SA