Common Name

Native Parsnip, Parsnip Trachymene, Mallee Trachymene




Ephemeral forb to 60cm tall.  Leaves 1.5-4cm long overall, 20-50mm wide overall, dissected, with flat lobes. New growth sparsely sticky hairy, becoming hairless.  Individual flowers often tiny (less than 3mm across), white, with 5 petals, in many flowered hemispherical to spherical umbels on stems arising from the bases of leaf-like bracts. Family Apiaceae in NSW and SA. Rare SA (as Trachymene anisocarpa). Rare Vic (as Trachymene sp. 1).

Differs from Trachymene glaucifolia in that the 'seed' has two equal lobes

Differs from Trachymene cyanopetala in that the flower groups have 50 or more flowers.

PlantNET description: