Flowers and leaves (var. cuneata).  Photo: Don Wood, ACT

Flowers and leaves (var. cuneata). Photo: Giorgio De Nola, Melbourne

Flowers and seeds (var. cuneata). Photo: Don Wood, south coast, NSW

Flowering plant (var. cuneata). Photo: Giorgio De Nola, Melbourne

Common Name

Fuzzweed; Woolly New Holland Daisy, Fuzzy New Holland Daisy




Annual or perennial forb to 40cm tall.  Leaves alternating up the stems, 1-2.5cm long, 2-5mm wide, folded lengthwise to flat, hairy, sometimes sticky, edges entire or lobed, sometimes with a curved point.  Flowers pale blue to mauve, with many ‘petals’, borne singly or in small groups at the tops of the stems.  Flower heads below the 'petals' bell shaped to oval.  Rare Vic (var. morrissii).

In Vittadinia cuneata var. cuneata the hairs on the leaves are stiff and appressed, and the leaves are folded together lengthwise.  In Vittadinia cuneata var. morrisii the leaves are flat, somewhat sticky, and have white hairy tufts at the bases.

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