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Latrodectus mactans (Fabricius, 1775)

female dorsal view

female lateral view

female ventral view

male dorsal view

male lateral view

male ventral view

Old names and synonyms

Aranea mactans

Lathrodectus mactans

Latrodectus albomaculatus

Latrodectus formidabilis

Latrodectus hahli

Latrodectus insularis

Latrodectus insularis lunulifer

Latrodectus intersector

Latrodectus luzonicus

Latrodectus malmignatus tropica

Latrodectus perfidus

Latrodectus sagittifer

Latrodectus schuchii

Meta schuchii

Tetragnatha zorilla

Theridion carolinum

Theridion lineamentum

Theridion lineatum

Theridion verecundum


Probably native to North America only (introduced elsewhere)

Establishment status in New Zealand

Not established

Links to:

- taxonomic page;
- image gallery (female/male).


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