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Steatoda paykulliana (Walckenaer, 1805)

female dorsal view

female lateral view

female ventral view

male dorsal view

male lateral view

male ventral view

Old names and synonyms

Latrodectus martius

Latrodectus ornatus

Latrodectus venator

Lithyphantes dispar

Lithyphantes hamatus

Lithyphantes martius

Lithyphantes paykullianus

Lithyphantes venator

Phrurolithus erythrocephalus

Phrurolithus hamatus

Phrurolithus lunatus

Theridion dispar

Theridion paykullianum

Theridion triste

Theridium hamatum


Europe, Mediterranean to Central Asia

Establishment status in New Zealand

Not established

Links to:

- taxonomic page;
- image gallery (female/male).


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