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Distinguishing features

This species is discussed under Erythrothrips arizonae Moulton

Related species

E. bishoppi from Texas and E. fasciculatus from California cannot at present be distinguished satisfactorily from E. arizonae, and these three names are likely to represent the same species (Mound & Marullo, 1993). The name E. fasciculatus has been applied to relatively small specimens in which the sensorium on antennal segment III is scarcely 0.3 as long as the segment, but these specimens have been taken from the same host plant, Adenostoma fasciculatum, as E. arizonae.

Biological data

Similar biology to Erythrothrips arizonae, and recorded from Adenostoma fasciculatum [Rosaceae].

Distribution data

Recorded from California and Nevada.

Family name


Species name

Erythrothrips fasciculatus Moulton

Original name and synonyms

Erythrothrips fasciculatus Moulton, 1929: 224


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Mound LA & Marullo R (1996) The Thrips of Central and South America: An Introduction. Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1–488.