Print Fact SheetLeptothrips papago

Distinguishing features

This species is structurally similar to mali, but has only three sense cones on the fourth antennal segment, a character state shared with mcconelli, however, papago is not known to have any duplicated cilia on the fore wings.

Related species

This is a member of the mali-group, and differs from mcconelli in lacking fore wing duplicated cilia.

Biological data

Collected from a wide range of plant species in the genera Adenostema, Ceanothus, Chrysothamnus, Hymenochloa, Purshia and Quercus.

Distribution data

Described from Arizona, this species is distributed between Utah and California.

Family name


Species name

Leptothrips papago Hood

Original name and synonyms

Leptothrips papago Hood, 1939: 209.
Leptothrips acaciae Hood, 1939: 211. S
Leptothrips robustus Johansen, 1987: 47.
Leptothrips arizonensis Johansen, 1987: 76.


Johansen RM (1987) El genero Leptothrips Hood, 1909 (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) en el continente Americano: su sistematica, filogenia, biogeografia, biologia, conducta y ecologia. Monografias del Instituto de Biologia. Universidad Nacional de Mexico 3: 1–246.

Mound LA & O’Donnell CA (2017) Predation, phytophagy and character state confusion among North American species of the genus Leptothrips (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripinae). Zootaxa 4294 (3): 301-315.