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Distinguishing features

This species is discussed under Tenothrips ehrhornii, of which it is possibly a synonym. The arrangement of setae on the seventh abdominal sternite is variable in the available specimens, including paratype females.

Related species

This species was described in Ewartithrips, a genus proposed for six species from California. However, separation of this Californian genus from the Mediterranean genus Tenothrips is doubtful (Bhatti, 2003).

Biological data

Collected from plants in several families, and presumably breeding in flowers. 

Distribution data

Known only from California and Mexico.

Family name


Species name

Tenothrips californicus (Nakahara)

Original name and synonyms

Ewartithrips californicus Nakahara, 1996: 236


Bhatti JS (2003) The genera Tenothrips and Ewartithrips (Terebrantia: Thripidae) and pigmented facets of eye in some Terebrantia. Thysanoptera 2003: 1–10.