Thysanoptera-Thripidae Chinensis

Thripidae Genera from China



This system was prepared as part of studies for a PhD degree at Northwest A. & F. University, Yangling, Shaanxi. The authors are grateful to Professor Jinian Feng and to the China Scholarship Council for the opportunity to study at CSIRO, Canberra provided to Shimeng Zhang. We are particularly grateful to many colleagues in China for their continuing help and advice in studying thrips and in the preparation of this system, including Dang LiHong, Qiao GeXia, Tong XiaoLi, Wang ZhaoHong and Zhang HongRui. Matt Taylor of kindly provided regular technical support in solving computer problems associated with data management. The photomicrographs provided here were produced with a Leica DM2500 microscope under Nomarski illumination, and processed through Automontage software.

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Zhang SM, Mound LA, & Hastings A (2020). Thysanoptera-Thripidae Chinensis. Thripidae Genera from China., Identic Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia.