Genus:  Aleurochiton Tullgren


        Aleurochiton Tullgren 1907: 14-15

            Aleurochiton (Nealeurochiton) Sampson 1943: 201

            Nealeurochiton Zahradnik 1963: 8

            Aleurochiton (Nigrinichiton) Zahradnik 1987: 70

Biology:  Feed only on deciduous plants in the temperate climates.  Exhibits puparial dimorphism with puparial characters differing between summer with a pale derm and winter with a sclerotized form. All of the described species are only known from Acer except one on Ilex.


Taxonomy: Margin. Crenulate.  Dorsum. Transverse suture terminating at the margin forming a slight to definite upward orientation  slightly below the level of metathoracic suture or above lateral to the the mesothoracic suture.  Submedian depressions on thorax and abdominal segments1-7 indistinguishable to subcircular in form. Operculum occupying almost the entire vasiform orifice; lingula leading to either poorly or sharply defined anterior part lateral to vasiform orifice.  Pores.  Pores and porettes distributed on the dorsal disc. Chaetotaxy. Appears to lack cephalothoracic submedium setae; A1 and A8 setae present.

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***Intercepted in quarantine

Aleurochiton acerinus Haupt***



        Aleurochiton acerina Haupt 1934: 137

        Aleurochiton acerinus Haupt 1934 [Mound and Halsey 1978: 28] [Martin 1985: 143] [Rapisarda 1982] [Minelli et al. 1995: 12]


Distribution: Palaearctic: Austria, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Poland, USSR, Yugoslavia


Host: Aceraceae: Acer campestre, A.  insigna

Aleurochiton aceris (Modeer)***


       Chermes aceris ovatus Geoffroy 1762  

       Coccus aceris Modeer 1778: 21  

       Aleurodes aceris Bouche 1851: 109

       Aleurodes aceris Bouche 1851: 109

       Aleyrodes acerum Kirkaldy 1907: 44

       Aleurochiton aceris (Modeer) [Danzig 1966:198], [Zahradnik 1963: 12] [Hulden 1986: 9] [Minelli et al. 1995: 12]

       Lecanium complanatum Baerensprung 1849: 169


Distribution: Palaearctic: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary,

Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, USSR, Yugoslavia


Host: Aceraceae: Acer cappadocicum, Acer platanoides, Acer tataricum


Natural enemies: Aphelinidae: Encarsia aleurochitonis, E.  margaritiventris, E.  tricolor;

Eulophidae: Euderomphale secreta; Platygastridae: Amitus aleurodinis, A.  minervae

Aleurochiton forbesii (Ashmead)


Aleurodes aceris Forbes 1885

Aleurodes forbesii Ashmead 1893: 294

Aleurochiton (Nealeurochiton) forbesii (Ashmead) [Sampson 1943: 201]

Aleurochiton forbesii (Ashmead) [Mound and Halsey 1978: 28]

Nealeurochiton forbesii (Ashmead) [Zahradnik 1963: 12]

Aleurochiton forbesii (Ashmead)


Distribution: Nearctic: Canada, USA (DE, FL, GA, IL, MO, NC, NY, VA, WI)


Host: Aceraceae: Acer dasycarpum, Acer platanoides, Acer rubrum, Acer saccharinum, Acer sp.; Aquifoliaceae: Ilex coriacea, I.  glabra.


Natural enemies: Platygastridae: Amitus aleurodinis Haldeman

Aleurochiton orientalis Danzig




Aleurochiton orientalis Danzig 1966: 367


Distribution: Palaearctic: USSR

Host: Aceraceae: Acer mono

Aleurochiton petri Rietschel



Aleurochiton petri Rietschel 1983:97-100


Distribution: Palaearctic: Germany (fossil)

Host: fossil

Aleurochiton pseudoplatani Visnya***



Aleurochiton pseudoplatani Visnya 1936: 116

Nealeurochiton pseudoplatani (Visnya) [Zahradnik 1963: 12]

Aleurochiton pseudoplatani Visnya , Danzig 1966: 198 [366] [Mound and Halsey 1978: 29] [Martin 2000: 527]


Distribution: Palaearctic: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Lebanon, Netherlands, USSR


Host:  Aceraceae: Acer tataricum, A.  turcomanica, A.  tauricolu, Celasteraceae: Euonymus japonicus