Genus: Asterobemisia Trehan (Synonym of Bemisia Quaintance and Baker)


        Bemisia Quaintance and Baker Change of comb. Dubeey et al 2009

Asterobemisia Trehan, 1940: 591-593

Biology: The most common species of the Asterobemisia group of Bemisia intercepted in quarantine is B. carpini (Koch) that is pale yellow with "black eyes" and found on species of Rubus.

Distribution: Primarily an European and Mediterranean genus with one species described from Asia and one from Middle East.

Taxonomy [Martin, 2000: 428]:  Dorsum. Transverse molting suture that curves upwards becoming margin-concentric before joining the longitudinal suture forming a trapdoor affect with the longitudinal suture bisecting the "trapdoor" (this separates the other Bemisia groups); triangular vasiform orifice with operculum partially covering the orifice exposing the head of an acute and inserted lingula; with or without a caudal furrow. Caudal furrow present or absent.

Natural Enemies: See species list below.

Similar genera: The margin-concentric transverse suture that is joined to the longitudinal suture forming a trap door effect separates this genus from most of the others with Aleyrodes and those of the Bemisia group along with  a long with the triangular shaped vasiform orifice and the inserted, but exposed acute lingula.

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***Intercepted in quarantine

Bemisia atraphaxius (Danzig)


Asterobemisia atraphaxius (Danzig) [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia atraphaxius (Danzig) 1969 [Mound and Halsey 1978: 104]

Neobemisia atraphaxius Danzig 1969

Distribution: Palaearctic: Europe, Russia

HostAceraceae: Acer campestre, A. saccharinum ; Betulaceae: Betula sp., Carpinus betulus, C. orientalis, Corylus avellana; Caprifoliaceae: Lonicera fragrantissima, L. nigra; Ericaceae: Vaccinium myrtillus;  Fabaceae: Robinia pseudoacacia ; Fagaceae: Castanea sativa, Quercus robus ; Moraceae: Humulus lupulus; Polygonaceae: Atraphaxis frutescens ; Ranunculaceae: Clematis viticalba; Rosaceae: Crataegus sp., Rubus fruticosus ; Salicaceae: Salix sp.; Saxifragaceae: Ribes nigrum, R. rubrum ; Tiliaceae: Tilia ulmifolia ;Ulmaceae: Ulmus foliacea

Natural Enemies: Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae: Encarsia lutea [Masi 1909], E. tricolor [Foerster 1878] , Eretmocerus neobemisiae [Yasnosh 1974], Eretmocerus sp. , Eulophidae: Euderomphale sp..

Bemisia carpini (Koch)***


Bemisia carpini (Koch)  (Danzig) [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia carpini (Koch) [Trehan 1940: 593]

Aleurochiton avellanae (Signoret) 1868

Aleurochiton vaccinii Kunow 1880: 46

Aleurodes avellanae Signoret 1868 [Mound & Halsey 1978: 105]

Aleurodes ribium Douglas 1888: 265

Asterobemisia avellanae (Signoret) 1868

Bemisia (Neobemisia) avellanae (Signoret) 1868:8

Distribution [Martin 2000: 428] [Trehan 1940: 593]: Oriental: Japan ; Palaearctic: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, USSR, Sweden, Yugoslavia

Host [Trehan 1940: 593]: Betulaceae: Carpinus betulus, Corylus avellana ; Caprifoliaceae: Linnaea borealis ; Ericaceae: Vaccinium uliginosum ; Rosaceae: Rosa pimpinellifolia

NATURAL ENEMIES [Trehan 1940: 593]: Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae: Encarsia asterobemisiae, E. coryli, E. inaron, E. longicornis, E. sophia, Eretmocerus mundus, Eretmocerus sp., Eulophidae: Euderomphale cerris, Euderomphale sp., Platygastridae: Amitus longicornis

Bemisia curvata (Qureshi)



Bemisia curvata Qureschi 1980: 405 [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia curvata (Qureshi) [Martin & Mound 2007]


Distribution: Palaearctic: Pakistan


Host: Hippocastanaceae: Aesculus sp.; Rosaceae: Rosa indica

Bemisia dentata Danzig 1969


Bemisia dentata Danzig [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia dentata Danzig 1969: 873

Distribution [Danzig 1969: 873]: Palaearctic: Russia

Host [Danzig 1969: 873]: Moraceae: Morus sp.

Bemisia lata Danzig


Bemisia lata Danzig (Dubey et al 2009)

Asterobemisia lata Danzig 1966: 376

Distribution [Danzig 1966: 376]: Palaearctic: Russia

Host [Danzig 1966: 376]: Betulaceae: Carpinus cordata ; Fagaceae: Quercus sp. ; Tiliaceae: Tilia sp.

Bemisia obenbergeri (Zahradnik

 Nomenclature :

Bemisia obenbergeri (Zahradnik) [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia obenbergeri (Zahradnik) 1961 [Mound & Halsey 1978: 106]

Bemisia obenbergeri (Zahradnik) 1961 [Mound & Halsey 1978: 106]

Distribution  [Mound & Halsey 1978: 106]: Palaearctic: Czeck Republic, Yugoslavia

Host  [Sampson 1958: 120-121]: Labiatae: Thymnus sp.

Bemisia paveli (Zahradnik)


Bemisia paveli (Zahradnik) [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia paveli (Zahradnik) 1961: 75

Distribution [Zahradnik 1961: 75]: Palaearctic: Czech Republic; Germany; Palestine

Host: Euphorbiaceae  [Zahradnik 1961: 75]:  Euphorbia stepposa, Euphorbia sp.

Natural enemies: Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae: Encarsia inaron, E. partenopea [Masi 1910], Eretmocerus mundus [Mercet 1931]

Bemisia salicaria (Danzig)



Bemisia salicaria Danzig (Dubey et al 2009)

Asterobemisia salicaria (Danzig) [Martin & Mound 2007: 23]


Bemisia salicaria Danzig 1969: 871


Distribution: Palaearctic: Iran, Tadzhikistan, USSR


Host: Salicaceae: Populus nigra, Salix alba, Salix sp.


Natural enemies: Aphelinidae: Encarsia lutea, E. tricolor

Bemisia silvatica (Danzig)



Bemisia silvatica Danzig [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia silvatica (Danzig) [Martin & Mound 2007: 23]


Bemisia silvatica Danzig 1964: 638[327



Distribution: 3: Iran, Russia


Host: Apocynaceae: Nerium oleander; Betulaceae: Carpinus avellana, Carpinus betulus,

Carpinus sp.; Ericaceae: Rhododendron flavum; Fabaceae: Acacia sp.; Fagaceae: Quercus

calliprinos, Quercus sp.; Rhamnaceae: Fragula alnus; Rosaceae: Crataegus sp.

Natural enemies: Aphelinidae: Encarsia cibcensis; Platygastridae: Amitus longicornis.

Bemisia takahashii Danzig


Bemisia takahashii Danzig [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia takahashii Danzig 1966: 376

Distribution: Orienttal: Korea; Palaearctic: Russia

Host: Fabaceae: Pueraria thunbergiana; Fagaceae: Quercus mongolica

Bemisia trifolii (Danzig) 


Bemisia trifolii (Danzig) [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia trifolii (Danzig) 1966: 107

Distribution [Danzig 1966: 107]: Palaearctic: Russia

Host [Danzig 1966: 107]: Fabaceae: Trifolium luginaster, T. pratensis

Bemisia yanagicola (Takahashi)


Bemisia yanagicola Takahashi [Dubey et al 2009]

Asterobemisia yanagicola (Takahashi) 1933: 17

Bemisia yanagicola Takahashi 1933:137

Neobemisia yanagicola (Takahashi) 1933

Distribution: Oriental: China, Japan, Taiwan

HostSalicaceae: Salix glandulosa var warburgi, Salix sp.