Digital Keys to the Calanoid Copepods

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Key to the genera of the ‘Bradfordian’ families

Author: Janet Bradford-Grieve

The families within the Clusocalanoidea superfamily: Diaixidae, Kyphocalanidae, Parkiidae, Phaennidae, Rostrocalanidae, Scolecitrichidae and Tharybidae, are known as the ‘Bradfordian genera’ because they have vermiform and brush-like setae on the maxilla (Markhaseva et al. 2014). This morphological character particularity was notices noticed and analysed by Bradford-Grieve when reviewing the families Phaennidae and Scolecithricidae (1973). The term ‘Bradfordian’ originated when Ferrari and Steinberg (1993) used the expression ‘Bradford’s setae’ on their research about the association of two species of Scolecitrichids with a pelagic tunicate from Monterey Bay. Brief description by Uribe-Palomino.