Liriomyza Parasitoids in Southeast Asia

Leafmining insects are dangerous pests that reduce plant metabolic activities and can lead to desiccation and premature fall of the leaves. If leaves are seriously attacked, crops can be reduced or seedling plants even totally destroyed (Spencer, 1990).

The leafmining habit is found in several Lepidoptera and Diptera species, and also in some Coleoptera and Hymenoptera. Among these, the Agromyzidae (Diptera) is known primarily as a family of leafminers, as the majority (75%) of the almost 2000 known species display this biology.

They are pests of economic relevance of numerous vegetables and floricultural crops in all the regions of the world.

Key Author(s): Nicole Fisher, Rosichon Ubaidillah, Placido Reina and John La Salle Key Publisher: CSIRO Key Version: 1.0