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System requirements & troubleshooting
System requirements;

The Lucid v3.5 will run on several platforms. Particulars are available at Lucidcentral.org.


Fact sheets and multimedia links within  Lucid v 3 player NudiKey may be managed as 'pop-up' pages by certain browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer). If these pages are blocked as pop-ups then it is necessary to change the settings in the browser to allow pop-ups for the Lucid tool. Internet Explorer may also block "active content" on web pages or Java based Lucid tools. This content may need to be "allowed".  These settings can be adjusted in Internet Explorer by selecting Tools>Internet Options>Advanced Tab>Security Category and checking the "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" checkbox.

Lucid Player Help

The Lucid Player has help available that explains the program functionality. This may be accessed by selecting the help icon or via the help menu (F1).


Southern Cross University
National Marine Science Centre

Linnean society