Clypeal Apex

Locating the clypeal apex

The clypeus is the anterior part of the head visible in dorsal view, and is separated from the rest of the head by the frontoclypeal suture. The clypeal apex is the anterior margin, which is often reflexed.

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Figure 1. Head of Anoplognathus - dorsal view

head of Anoplognathus species

Figure 2. Head of Anoplognathus - lateral view

head of Anoplognathus sp. lateral view

Drawings Figures 1 and 2 © Kindi Smith, Australian Museum

Clypeal apex

There are two states

  1. not raised or slightly and not abruptly reflexed (Figure 3A)

  2. strongly and abruptly reflexed (Figure 3B)

Figure 3. Head of Anoplognathus - lateral view

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clypeal apex - not raised or weakly reflexedclypeal apex - strongly or abruptly reflexed
clypeal apex - larger image 1clypeal apex - larger image 2clypeal apex - larger image 3

scale bar equals 1mm
Photos Figure 3 © Kindi Smith, Australian Museum


clypeus clypeus