of eastern NSW

Genus Aulocopris

Species found in eastern NSW: A. maximus, A. reichei.

Other species: A. matthewsi (Qld)

Eastern Victoria, New South Wales, and south-east Queensland along the coast and coastal ranges.

Large (16-30mm), oblong, convex. Uniformly black in colour, elytra and pronotum with longitudinal tubercules. Two small clypeal teeth; anterior part of underside of pronotum not excavated anteriorly, with a strong beaded line running transversely almost to outer edge.

Elytra: elytra with 9 striae, with sharply deflexed pseudepipleura outside 7th stria. Striae fine, superficial and finely punctate. Intervals not convex, feebly undulate.

Hind wings: Fully developed.

Legs: Fore tibiae with 2 or 3 very small teeth on the outer edge. Middle and hind legs slender, middle coxae slightly convergent. Tibiae gradually but strongly widened apically. Tibial spurs longer than 1st tarsal segment. Claws moderate, simple.

Abdomen: Sternites normal, with numerous basal punctures bearing very short setae. Pygidium slightly convex, strongly bordered, with numerous punctures bearing very short setae.

Sexual dimorphism
Male with 2 teeth on the outer edge of fore tibiae, female with 3. Male with a strong, forwardly directed tubercule near the middle of the metasternum, female with a median longitudinal keel. Hind edge of last abdominal sternite with a lip in male.

Similar Genera
Cephalodesmius, of a similar size and general shape.
Obvious differences: Cephalodesmius generally smaller, with 4-8 clypeal teeth, of which the middle two are very long.

Amphistomus, the only other genus with a tuberculate elytra.
Obvious differences: Amphistomus smaller (4-10mm), with 6 clypeal teeth, of which the middle pair are longer.

Coprophagous, winged, in closed forest, tall open forest, montane, Casuarina coastal forest.

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