of eastern NSW

Genus Liatongus

Species found in eastern New South Wales: One introduced species, L. militaris.

Eastern Africa, from Ethiopa to South Africa. Established in all states except Western Australia.

Medium (8-10mm). Colour yellow-brown, with yellow margins on pronotum and distinct brown stripes on elytra. Broadly oval, dorsally flattened. The clypeal margin is not toothed but truncate. Anterior part of underside of pronotum not excavated anteriorly. Pronotum with 4 small tubercles on anterior margin, head with frontoclypeal and frontal ridges. Surfaces of head and pronotum glabrous.

Elytra: elytra with 8 striae, 7 dorsal and 1 obscure and adjacent to strongly raised upper margin of epipleuron. Epipleuron narrow, with small excavation below humerus. Intervals flat. Stubble of short thick setae present, longer towards posterior.

Hind wings: Fully developed.

Legs: Fore tibiae with 4 large rounded teeth on the outer edge. Middle coxae parallel. Mid and hind tibiae with transverse ridges. 1st segment of hind tarsus as long as segments 2-4 combined. Claws simple.

Abdomen: Sternites normal. Pygidium fully exposed, without grooves or depressions.

Sexual dimorphism
Female: No external differences other than the last abdominal sternite.

Similar Genera
Euoniticellus, of a similar size, general shape and colour.
Obvious differences: Euoniticellus without stripes on elytra.

Adults coprophagous, winged, in open areas and pastures, mostly in cow dung.

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