of eastern NSW

Genus Monoplistes

Species found in eastern New South Wales: Only one species, M. leai, is found in Eastern NSW.

Other species: M. curvipes, M. occidentalis, M. tropicus, M. phanophilus, M. haroldi (Northern Qld, NT, WA)

Northern Australia, except for M. leai, which occurs on the New South Wales-Queensland border.

Small to medium (3.5-7.0mm), broadly oval, moderately convex. Colour black, surfaces hairless, with no tubercles or keels. 2 or 4 small clypeal teeth. Anterior part of underside of pronotum deeply excavated, and lateral edge often bent upward.

Elytra: elytra with 9 distinct, simple striae, the 8th not visible anteriorly and very close to the 9th. No pseudepipleura. Intervals of striae flat. Epipleura very narrow, with strongly sinuate margins.

Hind wings: Fully developed.

Legs: Outer edge of fore tibiae with 3 small teeth, the rest serrated. Middle coxae strongly convergent. Middle and hind tibiae strongly curved, their outer edge bearing spines and the apex a single very large curved spur. Claws large, subdentate.

Abdomen: Pygidium finely bordered, with a very deep transverse groove across the basal edge.

Sexual dimorphism
Male with the last abdominal sternite shortened in middle, that of female of equal length throughout.

Similar Genera
Onthophagus, of a similar size and general shape (some species), black and shiny.
Obvious differences: Onthophagus with no or porly developed clypeal teeth, outer edge of fore tibiae with 4 teeth, middle coxae parallel.

Diorygopyx, of a similar size and general shape, black and shiny, 2 small clypeal teeth.
Obvious differences:  Diorygopyx with strongly toothed claws, without a single large curved spur on the hind and middle tibiae, with pseudepipleura in basal half of elytra.

Adults coprophagous, winged, in closed forest, open forest, tall open forest and open areas.

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