Elytra - Pubescence

Locating the elytra

The elytra are posterior to the pronotum and are the largest visible dorsal sclerites (Fig. 1).


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Elytral pubescence is distributed in six ways. Setae on the edges and undersides of the elytra are excluded.

  1. Absent or inconspicuous. If present, the setae are short, thin and sparsely scattered on the elytral disc (Fig. 2A)

  2. Dense tuft of setae present near the apex of each elytron. (Fig. 2B).

  3. Two dense strips of conspicuously pale setae present on the lateral margin of each elytron, often also a thin strip isolated in the middle of the elytral disc. The two lateral strips coalesce anteriorly. (Fig. 2C).

  4. Four dense strips of conspicuously pale setae on each elytron. These strips are almost as long as the elytra (Fig. 2D).

  5. Uniform covering of distinct erect hair-like setae. These may be the same colour as the elytral surface (Fig. 2E).

  6. With scattered short and thick scale-like setae (Fig. 2F).