Mesoventrite process - Shape

Locating mesoventrite process

The mesoventrite process is located between the mid legs (Fig. 1A).

Definition of the mesoventrite process

The mesoventrite process is the anterior swelling or projection of the mesoventrite between the mid legs (Fig. 1B). The base of the mesoventrite process is usually defined by a suture, which is the junction of the mesoventrite and metaventrite, but if the suture is absent, the base of process is defined as the narrowest point between the mid legs.

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Shape of mesoventrite process

  1. Round or ovate: lateral margins and apex curved (Fig. 2A).
  2. Obtusely angled: apex angulate but angle greater than 90 degrees (Fig. 2B).
  3. Long and acute: apex angulate and angle less than 90 degrees (Fig. 2C).
  4. Mucronate: apex angulate, acutely produced on an obtuse angle (Fig. 2D).