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Chondrilla juncea L., Sp. Pl. 2: 796. 1753.

Common name

Rush skeletonweed, devil's grass, naked weed, succory


Propagule or dispersal unit is the fruit with pappus. Fertile part 3-4(-4.5) mm long, 0.3-1 mm wide, in side view widest in upper part (obovoid), +/- straight, the upper (apical) end narrowing, in cross-section round (terete) (by misinterpretation) or flattened, basal scar (carpopodium) inconspicuous and undifferentiated, central, beak (=thinner sterile stalk between seed and pappus) present, beak length 3.5-5 mm, wings absent, fruit surface light brown or straw, smooth (except at cellular level), with no hairs (glabrous), thickened margin absent, longitudinal ribs present, 5-10, their surfaces smooth or toothed, serrated or scale-like, with no hairs (glabrous).

Pappus type bristles / hairs, pappus elements all +/- similar, up to 5-7 mm long, in several rows, pappus elements numerous, persistent, falling off as a whole (by misinterpretation) or elements falling off individually (?), the individual bristles rough / serrated (barbellate), +/- equal width along length, white / translucent.

Notes: The beak tends to break off, so its upper part and the pappus may be missing. Ribs are serrated only in the upper part but smooth in the lower. It may not always be immediately obvious that the fertile part is flattened, and it can be hard to count the number of longitudinal ribs.


Biennial or short-lived perennial herb with deep taproot, fruits wind-dispersed. Temperate to Mediterranean climates, especially on severely disturbed land such as fields, degraded pastures, roadsides, eroded grounds, riverbanks, and wasteland. Several different forms exist, with varying levels of susceptibility to biological control.

Native range

Widespread through Western Europe, Northern Africa, to central Asia.

Introduced range

Canada, United States, Argentina, South Africa, Caucasus, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand.

Weed status within Australia

Vic Regionally Restricted or Controlled; SA Category 2 Declared Weed; WA Declared Pest – s22(2) (C2, C3); Tas Declared.

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