Origin of name:

rotundatum = rounded

Diagnostic characters:

Almost round hairy leaves; bicoloured
Large flowers; woolly
Compact flower heads on leafless stalks


Small subshrub, stems loosely branched, young parts greyish-white or fulvous woolly-felted, closely leafy except towards the heads. Leaves spreading or reflexed, mostly 13�23 x 6�10 mm, diminishing slightly in size upwards then abruptly much reduced and distant below the heads, obovate to oblong-obovate, slightly narrowed to the base, sessile, apex rounded, mucronate, upper surface thinly greyish-white woolly, often glabrescent, lower thickly and persistently woolly. Heads heterogamous, campanulate, c. 6 x 5 mm, c. 7�22 in congested rounded terminal clusters. Involucral bracts in 4�5 series, graded, inner not quite equaling flowers, not radiating, lanceolate to oblong, straw-coloured, tips acute to rounded, whole bract thickly silky-villous dorsally. Receptacle smooth. Flowers 20�38, 6�9 female, 16�29 homogamous. Achenes c. 2 mm long, barrel-shaped, ribbed, with duplex hairs, not myxogenic. Pappus bristles many, shaft barbellate, becoming shortly plumose above, bases cohering by patent cilia.


Flowering from October to December.


Grows in moist places on south-facing cliffs. Apparently endemic to the western end of the Riviersonderend Mountains, above Genadendal, having been recorded from Omklaarberg, Jona's Kop and the Wildepaardeberg.

Fynbos Biome.


Closely allied to H. capense, but a coarser plant, with larger leaves and larger heads.




Helichrysum rotundatum F.C. 3: 230 (1865); Moeser in Bot. Jb. 44: 288 (1910).



Western Cape, Caledon div., tops of the mountains at Baviaanskloof near Genadendal, 15 Feb. 1815, Burchell 7726 (G-DC, holo.; K, iso.).



Eriosphaera rotundifolia DC., Prodr. 6: 166 (1838). Type as above.

E. coriacea DC., Prodr. 6: 167 (1838); Moeser in Bot, Jb. 44: 341 (1910); Helichrysum coriaceum (DC.) Harv. in F.C. 3: 230, 608 (1865), non Harv., l.c. 239; H. fulvellum Harv. in F.C. 3: 608 (1865). Type: Cape, Caledon div., mountains near Swellendam, Genadendal, Dr�ge 1773 (G-DC, holo.; BM; E; K;TCD, iso.).



Bolus7391 (BOL; SAM; Z); Schlechter 9868 (BM; BOL; E; K; PRE; Z); Stokoe 6585 (BOL; K).