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We are indebted to many people for contributing to the successful completion of this project.

We thank Alice Ames and Linda Semeraro (DPI, Knoxfield) for their care and skill in preparing the bulk of the AutomontageŽ images. The sources of images have been indicated under individual images; the bulk of them have been prepared specifically for this project while some were either modified or reproduced from previous works with appropriate acknowledgements.

During the process of preparation of the key over the years, several hundred specimens particularly of the exotic species, have been examined and some dissected for male genitalia. These specimens (specimen origin in parentheses) were collected and/or provided by various workers:

Shiuh-Feng Shiao (Taiwan), Mitsuhiro Sasakawa (Japan), Dang Hoa Tran (Japan and Vietnam), Arild Andersen (Vietnam), Aunu Rauf (Indonesia), Warsito Tantowijoyo (Indonesia), Purnama Hidayat (Indonesia), Dantje Sembel (Indonesia), I Wayan Supartha (Indonesia), La Daha (Indonesia), Safaa Kumari (Syria), Glenn Bellis (East Timor), Tracy Bjorksten (Australia), Michelle Robinson (Australia) and Wendy Morgan (Australia).

Specimens of certain Australian endemic species that were studied by Kenneth Spencer were borrowed for examination from the Australian Museum, Sydney and Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO, Canberra, and we thank Daniel Bickel and David Yeates for organising the loans from their respective collections.

We thank Mitsuhiro Sasakawa for checking the identifications of some specimens; Arild Andersen for providing identified specimens of some Liriomyza species including L. bryoniae from Vietnam; Christian Thompson, Neil Evenhuis and Daniel Bickel for their assistance with clarifying the nomenclature of L. chenopodii.

Copyright for the two drawings of the distiphallus of L. huidobrensis and L. strigata reproduced from EPPO (2005), together with the image of leaf damage caused by L. strigata rests with Central Science Laboratory, York, UK, and we thank Dom Collins for faciliating this for us.

Copyright for all drawings reproduced or redrawn from Spencer (1977) rests with the author, KA Spencer, since deceased.

Valuable comments on the key and other sections were received from Arild Andersen, Dan Bickel and Linda Semeraro.

We thank Matt Taylor and Jessica Tsai, Centre for Biological Information Technology, The University of Queensland, for their excellent and patient work with the design, technical issues and deployment of the key.

We thank Jacek Plazinski, Manager, National Diagnostic Program, Office of the Chief Plant Protection Officer, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Canberra, for his support and encouragement for this project.

This project received funding and other support from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria. The collection of some specimens from Australia and Indonesia used in this project was supported by the ACIAR Project CP/2000/090: Liriomyza huidobrensis leafminer: developing effective pest management strategies for Indonesia and Australia.