Common Name

Tall Sneezeweed




Aromatic annual forb to 40cm tall. Leaves alternating up the stems, flat, 0.8-2.5cm long, 2-7mm wide, hairless, edges toothed (and sometimes curved under in young leaves), resin-dotted on both surfaces. Flowers creamy green, with 0 petals. Flower heads hemispherical to biconvex, borne in groups of 2-4 at the bases of the leaves. Presumed extinct Vic.

Differs from Centipeda minima in the fact that it is an erect plant, and the flowers are in shortly stemmed groups of 2-4 flower heads.

Description, line drawings, and photos in Walsh, N.G. (2001) A revision of Centipeda (Asteraceae). Muelleria 15: pages 54-55, and Figs 1, 3c, 5a, 7a, and 10 (map). This paper can be downloaded from  after searching on Craspedia pleiocephala.

Photo of plant. Australian Plant Image Index, photographer Murray Fagg, Currawinya National Park, Qld