Plant. Photo: Don Wood, Scotia Sanctuary, NSW

Flowering plant. Photo: Kevin Thiele, WA

Flowering plant. Photo: Kevin Thiele, WA

Common Name

Wiry Centrolepis




Grass like annual forb to7cm tall.  Leaves clustered at the base of the plant, with a sheath at the base, 0.3-1.2cm long, less than 1mm wide, linear, cylindrical, rigid, hairless.  ‘Flowers’ small, brown, in cylindrical heads of 1-3 'flowers' at the tops of the stems.

Differs from Centrolepis eremica  and Centrolepis glabra  in that there are 1-3 'flowers' per head.  Differs from Centrolepis glabra in that the the leaves are rigid, and the leaf like bract under each flower head is curved and much longer than the flower head.

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