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Thrips of California 2012

Ewartithrips dispar

Recognition data

Distinguishing features

This species has not been studied by the present authors. According to the original description it differs from the other five members of the genus in having the comb on tergite VIII irregular or missing medially. Females are either fully winged or short winged, but only short-winged males are known (Nakahara, 1995: 239).

Related and similar species

The genus Ewartithrips was proposed for six species from California, although separation of this from the Mediterranean genus Tenothrips has been questioned (Bhatti, 2003).

Taxonomic data

Current valid name

Ewartithrips dispar Nakahara

Original name and synonyms

  • Ewartithrips dispar Nakahara, 1996: 239

Family placement

Thripidae, Thripinae

Biological data

Life history

Probably flower-living

Host plants

Amsinckia sp. (Boraginaceae).

Tospoviruses vectored


Crop damage


Distribution data

Area of origin

Western USA