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Thrips of California 2012

Quick start guide

Using the Lucid Key (Identify Thrips)

  1. Java must be installed on your computer. Apple computers come with Java pre-installed. PC users, please visit the Java web site for the latest version.
  2. Javascript must be enabled.
  3. Turn off all pop-up blockers. If left on, you will not be able to open a species fact sheet from within the Lucid key.
  4. Choose the form of the tenth abdominal segment Conical or Tubular to reveal further options. Similarly, you must select whether wings are present and their length before further wing characteristics appear. This prevents the inexperienced user from selecting inappropriate options.
  5. View an image of a Feature by clicking the image icon Image icon next to it . Or you can turn on the Feature Thumbnails by clicking the "Feature Thumbnails" Feature Thumbnails button.
  6. Many Feature images have a "magic arrow" animation to point out particular features. Click the blue "Play" Play button to see the animation.
  7. Use the "Best" Best, "Next Best" Next Best, and "Prune Redundant Features" Prune Redundant Features buttons to track through the system efficiently. Many users will find that it is useful to use the two buttons "Best" and "Prune" alternately, one after the other.
  8. To view thrips species information, click the page icon Fact sheet icon next to the species name.
  9. For more details on using the Lucid player, click the "Help" Help button.