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Thrips of California 2012

Leucothrips furcatus

Recognition data

Distinguishing features

This species has not been studied by the present authors. It was recorded from California by Bailey (1957: 183) on the basis of eight specimens taken on willow at Davis. It is presumably similar in structure to L. piercei, but has the antennal sensoria forked not simple.

Related and similar species

Five species are recognized in the genus Leucothrips, three of which are known only from the Neotropics (Mound, 1999). As with other species of the Dendrothripinae, the metathoracic furca is enlarged and lyre-shaped, extending to the mesothorax.

Taxonomic data

Current valid name

Leucothrips furcatus Hood

Original name and synonyms

  • Leucothrips furcatus Hood, 1931: 153

Family placement

Thripidae, Dendrothripinae

Biological data

Life history


Host plants

Recorded from Salix (Salicaceae).

Tospoviruses vectored


Crop damage


Distribution data

Area of origin



Guatemala, California, Florida, Georgia