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Thrips of California 2012

Scirtothrips albus

Recognition data

Distinguishing features

This species has not been studied by the present authors. Bailey (1964: 339) indicates that the abdomen of the female lacks dark markings, and the male lacks drepanae. The species remains poorly distinguished from S. citri, but the mouth cone is described as elongate, although not as long as in S. ewarti.

Related and similar species

The genus Scirtothrips currently includes 100 listed species from various parts of the world. Bailey (1964) provided keys to 13 from North America, but that work was based on specimens that were not fully cleared, and thus few structural details were available concerning differences between species. The identity and validity of certain of the species from California requires further study based on freshly mounted, fully cleared specimens. Similarly, Johansen & Mojica-Guzman (1999) provided keys to 33 species from Mexico, but doubts have been expressed concerning the biological reality of many of these (Mound & zur Strassen, 2001). Hoddle & Mound (2003) provided information on 21 Scirtothrips species from Australia, and Rugman-Jones et al. (2006) produced a molecular key to several pest species in this genus.

Taxonomic data

Current valid name

Scirtothrips albus (Jones)

Original name and synonyms

  • Anaphothrips albus Jones, 1912: 15

Family placement

Thripidae, Thripinae

Biological data

Life history

Presumably breeding on leaves

Host plants

No clear evidence

Tospoviruses vectored


Crop damage


Distribution data

Area of origin

Western USA