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Chrysomya saffranea

Lateral view

Comparison of ommatidia in Chrysomya saffranea (left) and Chrysomya megacephala (right)

Australian distribution


Family: Calliphoridae

Subfamily: Chrysomyinae

Genus: Chrysomya Robineau Desvoidy 1830

Species: saffranea (Bigot 1877)


The first- and second-instar larvae were described by O'Flynn and Moorhouse (1980). The third instar larva was described by Erzinçlioglu (1984).


Chrysomya saffranea is the sister species of Chrysomya megacephala. The species acts as a primary invader of carrion, however, in the southern areas of its distribution, it is more likely to behave as a secondary fly (O'Flynn and Moorhouse 1979).

The two are extremely similar morphologically, with Ch. saffranea distinguished by orange supravibrissal and subvibrissal setulae. Chrysomya saffranea and Ch. megacephala males have eyes with enlarged ommatidia in the upper two-thirds, however, in Ch. megacephala the upper two-thirds are sharply demarcated from the smaller ones in the lower third, whereas they are not sharply demarcated in Ch. saffranea (see picture). To determine the gender of your fly click here.


Chrysomya saffranea has been recorded from the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.

Relevant Literature

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