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Development of the Families of Flowering Plants of Australia has been a collaborative effort between the Australian Biological Resources Study (a program of Environment Australia) and the botanical community of Australia. Many people, including botanists from all the major Australian herbaria and some from overseas herbaria, have contributed.

Character information for each family was provided by a taxonomist with expert knowledge of that family. These data were then compiled into the key under the guidance of, and with funding from, the Australian Biological Resources Study. For details of contributors for each family, see Contributors.

Photographs were generously made available from private collections, from the Australian Plant Photographic Index held at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra, and from collections held at the New South Wales National Herbarium, the Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory and the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research. We thank Murray Fagg, Hugh and Nan Nicholson, David Jones, Glenn Leiper, Gary Sankowski, Surrey Jacobs, Alex George, Glenn Whiteman, Steve Pearson, John Eichler, Michael Braby, Geoff Sainty, Greg Keighery, Mark Clements, Randy Bayer and John Williams for access to their private collections, Murray Fagg and Jan Wilson for providing considerable assistance helping us search the ANBG collection, and David Albrecht, Gwen Harden, Jaime Plaza, David Hardin and Bernie Hyland for access to the CCNT, NSW and CPBR collections.

Character images were drawn by Ian Telford and scanned by Helen Thompson.

Laurie Adams was based at, and Kevin Thiele an associate of, the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Canberra, during development of the key, and we thank the Director and staff of that institution for their considerable support. Kevin Thiele was based at home, and thanks his family for their unfailing patience.

We also thank the many people who have provided assistance and advice with checking the data and testing and commenting on the key, particularly Betsy Jackes and students at James Cook University, Mike Crisp and students at the Australian National University, and the 1998/9 intern groups at the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Canberra.


Major collaborating institutions were:

Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research
Australian National Botanic Gardens Australian National Botanic Gardens
Queensland Herbarium Queensland Herbarium
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory
Tasmanian Herbarium Tasmanian Herbarium
>State Herbarium of South Australia State Herbarium of South Australia
Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney