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processus longus or Langfortsatz (after Spencer 1977)

wing (Spencer 1977)

aedeagus, lateral view (Spencer 1977)


Liriomyza caulophaga (Kleinschmidt 1960)

Haplomyza caulophaga Kleinschmidt 1960
Liriomyza haplomyzina Spencer 1961


Beta vulgaris var. cicla
Portulaca oleracea


Asia: Indonesia
Oceania: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia), Vanuatu

Key characters

Wing length 1.7-2.1 mm. Frons, antennae, femora and scutellum bright yellow. Mesonotum blackish-grey. Orbits strongly projecting above eye. Orbital setulae lacking. Third antennal segment with distinct point at upper corner. Second (outer) cross-vein (dm-cu) lacking. Male genitalia with paired, rod-like structure (processus longus or Langfortsatz). Ejaculatory apodeme small.  Posterior spiracles of larva and puparium have 3 enlarged spiracular bulbs (Spencer 1963a, 1977; Dempewolf 2004).


Larvae feed and pupate internally in the midrib and petiole (Kleinschmidt 1960, 1965, 1970; Spencer  1977). The species is easily distinguished from L. chenopodii which can also be found on Beta (Dempewolf 2004). Crutwell McFadyen (1994) extended the host range when she recorded L. caulophaga attacking Portulaca oleracea in Queensland. Liriomyza caulophaga is an aberrant species with strange and distinct genitalia (Dempewolf 2004, Spencer 1973). The male genitalia have the processus longus (or Langfortsatz) which is found in the Cerodontha genus but in no other Liriomyza spp. Further investigations on this species are needed to clarify its classification in the Agromyzidae (Spencer 1977).



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