What is the Pasture Selection Tool?
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Pasture Selection Tool - Help Guide

What is the Pasture Selection Tool?

The Pasture Selection Tool is a powerful tool for selecting pasture species suitable for your local conditions. It is a comprehensive guide to pasture species for anyone with an interest in animal production and research.

The Pasture Selection Tool gives you the ability to:

  • identify pasture species suitable for your climate, soils, production system and management by using a selection tool based on the identification software called LUCID™.
  • access up to date information on these species with information on use, adaptation, and management of the pasture species and currently available cultivars.
  • view images of the plants and their use.

Server-side Player

The Pastures Australia 'Pasture Selection Tool' uses the latest Lucid™ server-side player technology. This enables you to use the selection tool without having to download any software to perform a pasture selection. This technology saves your Internet bandwidth but also saves you from downloading and installing confusing installation packages, All you need is an Internet browser. 

Server-side Lucid™ player More information

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