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New Zealand: widely distributed (Collyer, 1964; 1982); Australia: NSW, Queensland (Schicha, 1980; 1987).


Collyer (1982) wrote: "T. novaezelandiae is distributed throughout New Zealand from sea level to the bush-line. It is abundant on a wide range of native plants, particularly trees such as podocarps and Notophagus spp., also on many understorey shrubs, and less often on low-growing plants such as ferns and perennials. Occasionally it was found on unsprayed, usually isolated, apple and pear trees and on Tasconia mollissima, but it seems to rarely occur on plants of overseas origin, and never on cultivated crops".

Schicha (1980; 1987) redescribed N. novaezelandiae from the type material and recorded it from NSW and Queensland - however, the Australian mites labelled "T. novaezelandiae" (as identified by Schicha) from the NSW Department of Agriculture collection are not the same species as the mites labelled "T. novaezelandiae" from the NZAC (M. Minor, unpublished data). The New Zealand mites were used to illustrate this key. The type material was not available.


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