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Africa: Egypt; Indo-Pacific and Asia: China, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russian Far East, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand; Carribean: Guadeloupe, Maria Galante, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, Les Saintes (Moraes et al., 2004); New Zealand: Nelson, Central Otago, Hawke's Bay on various greenhouse and orchard crops (Collyer, 1964; 1982).


N. longispinosus is very similar to Neoseiulus womersleyi (Schicha). The two species can usually be distinguished by examining dorsal seta S5 - it is long (as long as S4) and barbed in N. womersleyi, and short (much shorter than S4) and smooth in N. longispinosus. The two species are often misidentified. Collyer (1982) noted that the length of seta S5 is very variable, and suggested that N. longispinosus is a senior synonym of N. womersleyi, but her opinion was not supported in later taxonomic publications. It is likely that some of Collyer's "N. longispinosus" were in fact N. womersleyi. Schicha (1987) and Beard (2001) do not list N. longispinosus as present in Australia, although Beard (2001) suggests that it might be present.


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