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Cosmopolitan - Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa; Middle East: Jordan, Lybia, Israel; Central and South America: Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela; North America: California; Europe: Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey; Asia and Indo-Pacific: China, New Caledonia, South Korea, New Zealand; Australia: ACT, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania (Schicha, 1987; Moraes et al., 2004).


Schicha (1987) reports P. persimilis from a range of crop plants (strawberry, apple, lucerne, plum, zucchini) and wild vegetation in Australia. Collyer (1964; 1982) does not mention P. persimilis in her publications on New Zealand phytoseiid mites, but the species has been introduced into New Zealand. At present P. persimilis is distributed in New Zealand commercially as a biological control agent for tetranychid mites in greenhouses. I have collected P. persimilis from two glasshouses in Auckland region in 2006 - on one occasion from a commercial rose crop, where P. persimilis was released as a biological control agent, and on another occasion from a commercial cucumber glasshouse where P. persimilis apparently had naturalised from past releases and persisted as a wild population (M. Minor, unpublished data).


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