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Timber Answers provides technical information about wood properties, and uses of over 1 000 species of Australian and imported timbers, including those commonly grown in plantations.

The interactive selection tool allows species to be filtered and sorted according to a number of common properties.

Timber Answers provides technical data to help builders, designers and engineers choose which timber to use. It enables growers and processors optimise use of the timber resource.

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The moss genus Bryum in Switzerland

Taxonomic scope: Bryophytes

Description: The genus Bryum is one of the most challenging genera of bryophytes. This key contains 47 species known from Switzerland and adjacent countries. Nearly all characters are illustrated with microscopical photographs.

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Key Author(s): H. Hofmann & K. Lotterman Key Version: 2.0
Anasillomos key Dikow 2015

Key to species of Anasillomos (Insecta: Diptera: Asilidae) following taxonomic revision by Dikow 2015 (doi:

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Key Author(s): Torsten Dikow Key Version: 1.0
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