Seed Identification Guide

Seed Identification Guide (SIG)® is a virtual publication of reference information on plant taxonomy, morphological features of plant dispersal units, identification fact sheets, identification keys, image galleries, and common botany terminologies. The plant species included in the guide have resulted from ISMA and the author’s projects. The publication is open to any authors who wish to make a publication of factsheets, identification keys, or images about dispersal units of plant species, which include economic crops and wild species as trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants around the world.

This is a peer-reviewed and formally registered online publication with the registration number ISBN: 978-1-7753419-0-1. The goal of the publication is to facilitate knowledge generation and share on seed morphology and their associated application, such as seed identification for weeds and invasive plants, commodity identification, and botany and taxonomy information of plant species. The Seed Identification Guide (SIG)® will be updated regularly with new publications without notification to end-users.