Key to the click beetle genera of Canada and USA (Coleoptera: Elateridae)

About the key

A matrix key designed to allow genus-level identification of adult Elateridae. Species with intermediate or variable character states were coded as ambiguous for that particular character. Here, the key can provide robust identifications even where users were uncertain which character state to select. In a few cases, correct identification requires accurate interpretation of subtle characters. Please inform us if you find errors that cause misidentifications.

This key accompanies an article in Zookeys (Douglas et al. 2024) outlining the methods used to develop the key. This article also includes diagnostic and descriptive summaries for each genus (or division of a genus) based entirely on species from the study area as well as a summary of habitat requirements for each genus.

Douglas HB, Etzler FE, Johnson PJ, Hammond HEJ (2024) Matrix-based key to the click beetle genera of Canada and USA with a summary of habitat use (Coleoptera, Elateridae). ZooKeys 1200: 75-144.


January 2024 (Lucid v4)