Cercospora leaf spot

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Causal organism: Cercospora bataticola Cif. & Brun.


Leaf lesions with light centres and dark margins (D. Gamarra). 


Characteristic spotting on leaves (T. Ames).

Diagnostic summary

  • What you see on plants

- small leaf spots with two different zones are observed: the centre which is pale brown to whitish grey and the border which is brown to purple black (see figures). These symptoms can be found on leaves of different ages throughout the plant, although more spots are found on older leaves.


- lesions which are close to each other coalesce and form blighted brown areas on the leaf.


- severely blighted leaves turn yellow leading to defoliation.

  • Most prevalent in the hot and humid tropics.

  • Dispersed by wind or splashing rain.


Economic importance

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Biology and ecology

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