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Insect and mite pests


Nutritional disorders

Environmental causes

There are 33 diseases included in this section. Each disease is linked to a fact sheet with diagnostic information on the disease. Each fact sheet has a home page with a brief description, and menu bar linking to more detailed information.  Fact sheets can be accessed by clicking on the name in the list below.

Alternaria leaf spot

Sclerotial blight
Alternaria stem blight Scurf
Bacterial stem and root rot   Soil rot
Bacterial wilt Viral infection (unspecified)
Black rot   Sweetpotato caulimo-like virus
Cercospora leaf spot Sweetpotato chlorotic fleck virus
Charcoal rot Sweetpotato chlorotic stunt  virus
Chlorotic leaf distortion Sweetpotato feathery mottle virus
Circular spot Sweetpotato latent virus
Foot rot Sweetpotato leaf curl virus
Fusarium wilt Sweetpotato little leaf (Witches' broom) 
Fusarium  surface & root rot Sweetpotato mild mottle virus
Java black rot Sweetpotato ring spot virus
Leaf and stem scab Sweetpotato virus disease
Phomopsis leaf spot Violet root rot
Rhizoctonia stem canker White rust

Rhizopus soft rot