Phomopsis leaf spot

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Other Name: Phyllosticta blight

Causal organism: Phomopsis ipomoea-batatas Punith.


Leaf spots caused by P. ipomoea-batatas (E. Rasco).


Brown to black pin-head structures  (pycnidia) at centre of lesions (E. Rasco).

Diagnostic summary

  • What you see on plants

- older leaves have whitish to tan brown lesions surrounded by  dark purple to brown margin, with irregular shape  and measure 5-10 mm wide. Centre of mature lesions have few pinhead-like black to brown structures clearly visible to naked eye.


- lesions can coalesce and cover a great portion of the leaf.


- lesions are more prominent on the upper surface of leaves.

  • Restricted to leaves and develops mainly in mature leaves.

  •  Found in different regions of the world.


Economic importance

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Biology and ecology

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