Nutrient disorders

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Insect and mite pests



Environmental causes

Nutritional disorders include deficiencies of mineral nutrients, as well as toxicities or excesses of mineral elements.  Effects of soil pH and other factors are discussed where they relate to each disorder, but see also Soil Fertility Management


Eighteen nutrient disorders are included in the key and each is described in a fact sheet.  Please click on the nutrient disorder you are interested in to get to the fact sheet.

Aluminium toxicity

Boron deficiency

Boron toxicity

Calcium deficiency

Copper deficiency

Copper toxicity

Iron deficiency

Magnesium deficiency Manganese deficiency

Manganese toxicity

Molybdenum deficiency

Nitrogen deficiency

Phosphorous deficiency

Potassium deficiency


Sulfur deficiency

Zinc deficiency

Zinc toxicity